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Accelerated Trademark, Brand, Logo registration

You will receive RF Certificate for TM for 4,5 months!!!
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    Accelerated Trademark Certificate

    The procedure of accelerated trademark registration is of a special interest for potential owners. The first question that customers ask after they learn about the timing of the examination and obtaining the certificate:

    If it is possible to do this faster?
    Yes, it is really possible!

    Indeed, the existing timeline for consideration of applications (average time is 1.5 years) is inconsistent with the pace of development of business projects, especially at the early stages when the slightest loss of time can result in irretrievable loss.

    With the usual registration procedure one can become a full owner of the trademark (proved by a Certificate of trademark registration) approximately in 2 years. But not everyone can wait so long.

    Due to the Paris Convention of Protection of Industrial Property the international registration may obtain the same date of priority as the national application, only if less than 6 months have passed since the date of filing national application till the date of filing international one to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). This so-called convention priority is required by Russian applicants in order to secure the priority of a trademark of local producers on the world market. The standard time frame for consideration of applications at the Patent Office actually infringes the rights of producers in obtaining a conventional priority.

    Today thanks to patent attorneys' demand, an accelerated consideration of trademarks' applications that are expected to be registered abroad, is real and very popular.

    Thus, there is now a possibility of accelerating receipt of a certificate for TM in Russia and we can help you with it, as well as with the international registration.

    In addition, at present it is possible to conduct an accelerated registration of trademarks, brought in civil turnover of Russia. The time for registration in this case is 5.5 - 6 months.

    If you want to use this program, please contact us: or fill out the form here.



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