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    Legal protection of computer programs and databases is based on the Law of the Russian Federation "About legal protection of computer programs and databases", which is qualified as the object of copyright law.

    The legal protection of copyright objects, including computer programs and databases, appear by virtue of their creation, rather than because of license of any public authority.

    Despite this, the registration of computer programs and databases makes sense because:

    1. It is an additional evidence in case of a conflict.

    2. It allows you to avoid problems with the programs while crossing the border.

    3. Information about the registered program is published in the bulletin, and thus become public.

    4. For foreign firms it is a testament of the seriousness of the Russian partners.

    Andrey Kudakov, President of International public organization "Council of Eurasian Patent Attorneys", head of the Patent Bar "Kudakov and partners" became the first patent attorney of programs for computers and copyright in the Russian Federation: "As Rospatent have not yet answered the request of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys about the record in specialization, mentioned earlier in the registry, - on an unrestricted basis and its possible interpretation, it is not clarified yet who is able to represent foreign Clients in registration of objects of copyright. Evidently that under the law all other attorneys (who do not have specialization in copyright) are deprivied of such opportunity."

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