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  • Eurasian patent is a patent for invention issued by the Eurasian Patent Organization which is valid for 20 years at the territory of member-countries of the Eurasian Patent Convention.

    For now 9 countries of the Eurasian region have ratified the Eurasian Patent Convention:

    • Republic of Azerbaijan
    • Republic of Armenia
    • Republic of Belarus
    • Republic of Kazakhstan
    • Republic of Kyrgyzstan
    • Republic of Moldova
    • Russian Federation
    • Republic of Tajikistan
    • Turkmenistan

    Only Eurasian patent attorneys have the right of assistance at the Eurasian Patent Organization.

    The Eurasian patent attorneys association – International Social Organization “Council of Eurasian Patent Attorneys” has representative offices in the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Moldova.

    Council of Eurasian Patent Attorneys

    International social organization unites Eurasian patent attorneys and is dedicated to popularizing of the Eurasian patent at the territory of member-countries, which ratified the Eurasian Patent Convention and also in other countries of the world.

    Organization has representative offices in member-countries of the Eurasian Patent Convention:

    • The Russian Federation
    • Republic of Belarus
    • Republic of Kazakhstan
    • Republic of Moldova

    Head-office – Moscow

    President – Kudakov Andrey Dmitrievich

    Vice-president – Linnik Lev Nikolaevich

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