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    Legal protection is granted to an invention if it is new, it has an inventive level and it is industrially applicable.

    Invention is new if it is not known from the technical level. The invention has an inventive level if it is not evident for the expert from the technical level. The technical level includes any information which has become the common knowledge before the invention priority date. When establishing the novelty of an invention in the technical level all those applications for inventions and utility models (except revoked) are included, that are filed in the Russian Federation and also those inventions and utility models that are patented in the Russian Federation on condition of their earlier priority.

    Invention is industrially applicable if it can be used in industry, agriculture, health care and other branches of activity.
    The following objects cannot be registered as an invention:
    - Scientific theories and mathematical methods;
    - Methods of economic organization and management;
    - Symbols, schedules and rules;
    - Methods for performing mental acts;
    - Algorithms and programs for computers (see Program for computers and databases);
    - Projects and plans of structures, buildings, territories;
    - Decisions only concerning the appearance of products designed to meet the sensuous needs;
    - Topographies of integrated microcircuits;
    - Plant varieties and animal breeds;
    - Decisions that are contrary to public interest, humanitarian principles or morality.

    Before starting the registration procedure we recommend you to effect patent search, which will help to select the analogue and will show the technical level that exists by now.

    The registration procedure takes about one year. Currently, the Patent Office does not provide any possibility for acceleration of this process.


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