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  • Andrey Kudakov
    Patent attorney of Russia and Eurasia
    Managing partner, "Kudakov and partners"
    President, the Council of Eurasian Patent Attorneys
    Member, the Council of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys of the Russian Federation
    PhD (Physics), LLD

    National and international trademark registration
    Russian and Eurasian patents (inventions, utility models, industrial design, computer programs and databases, copyright)
    Agency at the Chamber of Patents Disputes, in the court and at the FAS

    Natalia Kudakova
    Patent specialist

    Patents for inventions, utility models

    Alexey Bortsov
    Patent specialist

    Trademark registration
    Consultancy in trademark registration and copyright

    Igor Ermakov
    Patent attorney of the RF and Eurasia

    International trademark registration
    Patents for inventions, utility models, industrial design, computer programs and databases
    Consultancy in national and international trademark registration

    Valery Ivanov
    Patent specialist
    Specialist in licensing and cession of patents and trademarks

    Trademark registration
    Registration of licenses and cession of trademarks

    Ekaterina Kudakova
    Head of advertising and PR department
    Executive director of

    Mass Media Communication
    Communication with foreign clients
    International trademark registration

    Artem Didenko
    System administrator
    Patent specialist

    Consultancy in trademark registration and patenting
    Patents for inventions and utility models

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